Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cs5 does make you better.

This is my first round of hogarths with cs5 on my new laptop. It's so much more pleasant to draw on this thing, I can't even describe it. But actually I just started using the same method I do for life drawing in my studies, which is, starting with brushes and not lines.

These dudes are positioned roughly in the same poses as the guys from the book, and I occasionally glance at it for reference, however they are lit from imagination. They are in chronological order, done today and yesterday. By the end I started to experiment with different brushes and I think I kinda like it. Got inspired by LINRAN's post on ca.org. I have a lot more stuff on the backlog, but sometimes I just forget to update. Most of the time, actually. Still life tonight. Finally.

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