Monday, March 29, 2010

Just two.

Still trying to figure out values. Gonna try and refrain from disparaging comments. The bottom thing is from life. I was trying to figure out how white objects are lit by a window. Anyway I'm learning a lot. I'm gonna start approaching hogarth in a new way. I will look at a picture, draw how I think the anatomy would look without looking back at it, and then adjust when I'm done. After that, I will light it and try to get values right. But it won't work. Wish me luck.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Keep the momentum going.

I know I didn't do a study today, but there are some things that I forgot to post from yesterday. These are some more value practices from the things I've learned from Gnomon.

Also, random sketches that I started in class.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I didn't actually do any drawing over spring break. These are the remnants of what I did before and what I did just this morning, which is just a hogarth study.

I've been watching the Gnomon workshops sporadically and I highly, highly recommend it. Or at least get the videos with Scott Robertson. He taught me crazy things about value, things that I would have probably learned if I went to real art school.

So we went on a road trip down south and this is one of the guys I went with. Pay attention to the writing on the DVD's. I might upload more all-definitive pictures later.

Before he left my apartment for Ireland, I painted a portrait of my dear friend and world traveller, Travis. You might recognize his name from earlier blog entires that had nothing to do with drawing. I'm gonna start doing a lot more friend portraits. If you recognize him on the street or anywhere else, (as I'm sure you would seeing as how he has hoes in different area codes) tell him I said hello.

I think I had a little under an hour so I didn't have time to fill out all the necessary information.

These are more or less chronological. Toward the end I began to try to achieve more and more realistic lighting, with things like atmospheric perspective and decay. I know it's too early for that, but it's still fun. The latest study may seem like a step back, but that's because I forgot to put down the full value range. Also I don't know where to put speculars. Gotta still life some shiny surfaces, damn it! Anyways, tomorrow's study will be better.