Saturday, February 4, 2012


I guess two weeks is the most often that I can get myself to update this thing. Can't really compete with real artists this way, heh. This is more of a braindump anyway. Next time I'm uploading Riven concept art though, so tell your friends.

I've been focusing on my interpersonal skills rather than art lately, and a lot of what I have written down is more personal and irrelevant for this blog. In the meantime, though:

Don't waste time. Going on the internet is not being spontaneous. Cut that out of the equation. Limit social networks to once a day. After work? Find and identify distractions.

Every time you're heading in a new artistic direction and actually growing, you need to make sure you spend more time refining your work, because exploring takes more brainpower, and processes that you take for granted (like brush work or something) will take away your concentration.

You have an idea, you try it and it looks bad. Doesn't mean it can't work.

You're 7. You have a frame. Then you break it down when you grow up so that you can fit in. Then you have to rebuild it in order to be different. It probably doesn't apply to everyone, though. Only the sexy people.

You become a better person by practicing and failing until the things you want to learn become part of the subconscious.

I like how American capitalism is based on convincing people to make irrational decisions with their money. The airlines split the demand for reasonable seats with plenty of leg room and a decently expensive price into two tickets that nobody wants: overpriced business class and cheap but shitty coach. Similarly, instead of having a high school system that actually educates kids, we have them waste their time in classrooms that teach the equivalent of European 4th grade material, then need to collect student loans to get real knowledge.

Nothing beats a positive, self-aware attitude.

Focus on knowing what you want, and being able to communicate it. That comes from self-esteem.

·        In order to figure out the value for any plane in ambient lighting, look at the environment from the point of view of the plane and figure out what’s around it. The closer things are to it, the darker the value will be.

Just get it done. Be passionate. If it's not in the game, then make it. Care about the product.

·        Step back and evaluate where you are often. Shift between views. Make sure you know your high-level goals.

Almost everyone in the industry wants to meet you. You're a cool person, and you're interested in them. That's flattering. The only thing you can do is fuck it up by thinking about it.

And now for some Crimson Elite Riven Splash:

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