Sunday, September 30, 2012

Holding Simple Ideas in Concert

First day of Gnomon Live Workshop complete. Probably some of the best tips and knowledge I've ever gotten. This was inspired by Laurel Austin's demo today. Man, that girl knows form. Hopefully someday I will too.

It's kind of funny how artists have to rely on clients for sustenance, even though the clients' goal clashes with the ultimate goal of any artist. The client wants you for a job, he/she wants you to adapt and more or less forsake your sensibilities in exchange for money. A lot of people think they've made it once they get paid for their skills, but that's actually where the real struggle begins. You must work twice as hard in order to fight away any kind of bland or boring from your day job with your personal work. Then, as you ascend in your career and personal development simultaneously, the client's grip will loosen and you will finally get to get paid to do what you want.

(Disclaimer: I'm speaking broadly. It's not about me or anyone in particular.)

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