Thursday, August 26, 2010

Breaking 80

I've developed a perfect program for concept artists. Behold:

1. Scott Robertson to learn rendering from imagination and inner workings of light. Also trains your brain to see values.

2. Burne Hogarth's butt men to practice rendering complex forms from imagination.

Step one. Cut a hole in the box:

Step two. Put your junk in that box:

(it's like he's got two different lights on him. and neither of them works like a real light.)

3. Copying Charles Bargue's drawing course to practice rendering, and train your eye for classical design.

(really messed this one up. the foot is way too tall. It should really take more than 40 mins)

4. Life drawing. Duh.

If your aim is characters, then this course is for you. If you want a more wholesome experience, throw in some still life, plein air and master studies interchanged with the bargues and life drawing respectively.

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