Friday, August 20, 2010

Finding Motivation

I don't want to rise to the top badly enough. My drive is still in infancy. At this stage I still need external influences such as life drawing classes, contests, web activities and such to continue pushing and improving. It'll be tough to start the machine again once I get back from vacation.

When you get mad at things not going right, or somebody being a dumbass, you're really getting mad at yourself for reacting to external forces in a certain way.

Your organs, especially your brain could sure use a rest, albeit every once in a while.

It sure is a little funny how all the terrible content that Disney releases are in part what allows Pixar movies to exist.

...Daily Sketches?....Question Mark?

1 comment:

  1. Going to life drawing classes, doing contests and all the shit you do is what drive is. Life drawing isn't an external influence in a negative way, it's required at all stages and it takes considerable drive to do as much as you do.
    A lot of the most respectable and talented people in art and film don't rise to the top because they want to rise to the top. They're just passionate about what they do. Keep on keepin on.