Sunday, December 5, 2010

Just Around the Riverbend

If people said things the way they were, there would be no humour. That's not only because we can very rarely (if ever) be honest with ourselves and other, but also because it's impossible to view things outside of your own bias. So the best you can hope for is staying as true to yourself as you can. Of course, how you define yourself changes every day, and there's no way your brain can actually formulate a wholesome definition of yourself (partially because it's not smart enough, partially because you're fickle and random).

There should really be a holiday where people only tell you the truth about you or about themselves, and you're not allowed to judge, criticize or get upset at them. Maybe I should make a short about it...

2 hr portrait + process + 20 min portrait + whole foods impression + duels.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Man, thanks for linking me in one of your previous posts :) your studies are coming along really nice. The level of lost and detailed edge work that you are doing with the hair in them are great! Try not to lose that in the skin tones as well. The daily duels are coming along well. keep em up!