Friday, December 3, 2010

Run Your Sword Through the Enemy.

Bobby Chiu is right. It's all about how much information you're putting down with each stroke. The more cartoony your style is, the less information you have to think about. Since cartoons are a simplification of reality.

The more you "see" before you put the stroke down, the more efficiently you can paint, and your ability to "see" comes from studies.

Painting is a reflection of your thought process and as such it doesn't matter how many strokes you can put down in a minute. You can't make your brain think any faster.

Finally got back to life drawing today. Monsieur Bargue, I salute you for teaching me the way to draw. Learning fundamentals is like collecting a jigsaw puzzle, and I just got another piece. JENGA!!

Guess which ones are from imagination. If you guess right, I will draw you. For serial.

And then some duels!

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