Monday, February 22, 2010

Grinding from a halt

Grinding my skills.
These represent an attempt at chronological order. The imagination faces got better (or maybe just different) from my two trips to the met. I think they did me well.

Also came up with a definitive schedule for myself, that I will probably fail to follow anyway. Two pages of Hograth a day, and one imagination sketch per page. Still life on mondays (with the exception of today). Self-portraits on Fridays. Who knows what on the weekend. If I have time from all the parties. WOOOOO!

Self-portrait #5:

Chronological studies:

Yay! I'm back to Hogarth! Topic of the week: Neck. And small heads.

That one on the right is from the head.

My commission for Dalhousie Historical Society Journal. I might colour it later.

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