Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wow that last post really failed size wise. Live and learn.
I've been listening and reading a lot of Dave Rapoza lately. He's a pimp so check out his livestream every morning at 9 am. He forces you to do studies and answers any questions you may have about the industry.

In other news, I realized that deep down I thought I was good enough to go straight to greyscale or straight to colour instead of starting with the linework, which is why everything I've ever done that way sucks. I didn't use my drawing ability, which is by far my biggest strength as opposed to values or colour relationships. This came by way of the hogarth studies below. Doing them digitally is really improving my brush efficiency and bridging the gap between pencils and photoshop.
Poses from posemaniacs (I think I'm gonna use photo references and time them myself. These may get me into bad habits):
Poses from imagination, lit by the little grey dot in the middle (~2hours):

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