Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bed Bugs!

Seven out of eight done. Five more tomorrow. Something tells me I went too fast to learn as much as I could have.

I've been re-listening to this podcast and added two more heroes to my altar. Although I'm nowhere near as skilled as them, I can definitely relate to Glen Keane's passion for drawing form and James Baxter's passion for.. movement..

Mr. Keane was incredibly inspiring because he did exactly what I'm doing now when he was younger (only he was maybe 12). His dad gave him Hogarth's dynamic anatomy, and he had no idea what animation was when he went to Calarts. 

Mr. Baxter's draw to animation was copying and studying action. He was fascinated by ballet, professional sports and other disciplines where efficient motion is honed. I don't want to jump to conclusions here because I could probably extrapolate myself to any famous animator just as easily, but - animation is really the bomb. It's so much more complex, challenging and (therefore) rewarding than any other medium I've had the pleasure of dabbling in.

I came to film school because I did not know of a better way to combine my two passions: drawing and music. Animation is definitely the road of me.

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