Monday, July 20, 2009

July 1st, 2009 - Paris

David and I just keep throwing parties in my basement. You can make anything sound creepy by adding "in my basement."

Francois Perrier
Charles-Antoine Coypel
Francois Boucher (La Foret)
Jean-Honore Fragonard
Hubert Robert
Joseph Siffred Duplessis
Louis Leopold Boilly

Louvre in a day is too much. I could maybe finish it in a month. Good thing they added exhibits that nobody wants to go to for crowd control, like Egyptian antiquities.

Da Vinci wasn't even that brilliant of a painter really. He was just acceptable at the time.

Getting girls to swoon over you isn't really that difficult. Just keep displaying ambiguous signs of affection that can be taken either friendly or romantically. This usually becomes automatic when a person is insecure about him/her self and thus begins complementing people to be liked. Not: results are proportional to looks and tact.

The God damned Louvre has more Italian paintings than Italy.

Ah, yes, Giovanni Paolo Pannini. I ate his sandwiches - they're good.

I must look like such a creep - smiling all the time, laughing and writing sh*t in my diary. Taking picture of Manfred, too. Nobody understands me!

Jacques Courtois
Eugene Delacrois - Le 28 Julliet. La liberte guidant le peuple.

I suppose it is clear that I am getting better. Overall on this trip, I probably got about one bar of xp.

Man even the ugly French guys are cute. The only one who has a chance here is Manfred.

Even though I speak much better French, it seems to be a lot harder to blend in here. Maybe they communicate partially by smell?

I don't see why French girls would ever need make-up. Maybe to cover up their armpit hair?

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