Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 30th, 2009 - Paris

I feel like such a Travis Moe - walking around Paris munching on a baguette, cheese and bananas for breakfast, after arriving here on an overnight train.

This 4-level underground mall isn't really impressive. It just looks like they started building a subway station that was too big, so they put some shops in it. At least it looks like a Final Fantasy garden.

Overall French homeless people are more classy, largely, I think, by virtue of the the fact that they speak French.

On subway doors there is a picture of a rabbit getting his paw stuck in the doors and it says: "Beware of trapping hand." Of course he got his hand stuck, he's a rabbit! What does he know about Parisian subways? Who let a rabbit onto the subway in the first place? And how about putting up some signs that pertain to people? That really gets my goat.

When I'm supposed to enjoy the moment, I think, and now that I have time for thinking, my head is empty. Guess I should go with the flow and become Travis Moe. What a hoe.

There are definitely Swedish people living next door and they're definitely playing Dota.

I guess some people can go their whole life without becoming any good. Let's hope that won't be the case with me. Though they still own galleries here though, so - who knows?

You slowly grow out of the child's menu, then the child discount, then the student discount but don't sweat it. Before you know it, you'll be eligible for the elderly discount.

I'd rather live here than New York if I grow up. It's prettier.

In Italy I may not had the looks or the foreign advantage, but I did have the "no erection in your face" bonus. In France I may not have such good odds.

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