Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 3rd, 2009 - Paris

Yeah screw what I said before. If I grow up, I want to have enough money to buy the Louvre and live in it.

You think accents are funny? Think about people with accents trying to speak a third language. Then think about those people trying to speak that language with an accent of a language they speak with an accent in the first place.

Why does it bother me when people look over my shoulder? Sure it's rude and distracting, but am I not making my art for them? Is it not my aim to change the world? Or to inspire? Yes, but the kind of people who walk into a big hall, take a picture of the painting with the biggest frame and leave could not possibly appreciate any work of art, nevermind the crap I do. Can it be helped? Probably not through drawing alone. Most people don't give visual art nearly the kind of attention it needs. It's like Whit Brachna said, they rarely give in seconds the same amount as the days it took to complete the work. I guess these days things need to be moving and have sound to retain people's attention. This is where I start thinking that maybe film school wasn't a waste of money and that maybe I could do something more than just draw robots and monsters all my life. That is, if I'm lucky - most people just draw doors and chairs and stuff. So why would I spend my days drawing now, during my last year at NYU? Was it smart to just give up storytelling and not take the risk for now? That's procrastinating and you know what happens when things are put away for later. You'll still be here but your dreams may not.

The other thing is, am I only making art for intellectuals and other artists? Don't I want to capitalize on talentless art for the masses? No. People who do that are a dying breed. Or they will be eventually. The studios can't rely on recycling content with better special effects for too long. Eventually someone is gonna have to start financing good movies. With the number of releases growing each year it will be harder and harder to get blockbusters (assuming that the public is becoming smarter).

On another note, Balthasar is still the coolest name ever.

I guess I'm not mature enough to appreciate painters for something other than skill. Clearly the "masters" didn't become famous for their exceptional painting skills, even for their time. Likewise, I suppose to get into Pixar you need to be a man (or woman) of ideas first and drawing second. Depending on the job, obviously. Isn't that my deal, though? Nope. I have no good ideas. Ever.

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