Tuesday, July 7, 2009

June 18th, 2009 - Rome

My head is going haywire. They need to invent one language and call it European. Just like they did with the currency. And then they can invent Asian with East and South dialects. Then everybody in the world would speak one of the two or English and all would be well.

Marble statues hurt my self esteem. Thank God Manfred is here. Best wingman I ever had. Speaking of God, didn't they ever get bored of painting concept art from the Bible? Good thing rich people commissioned their own portraits too, otherwise there would be no variety.

It is so very difficult to fully enjoy my experience when everywhere I go screams "deja vu." I was so stupid 4 years ago. Although I was stupid yesterday too.

The only major difference between Russia and the U.S. is that "legal expenses" in the states are replaced by "protection money" in the federation.

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