Saturday, July 18, 2009

June 29th, 2009 - Milan

Wow. I just woke up from singing about a homeless man in a Venetian ghetto with Sean and some other people. Apparently he was black and Sean thought that was racist. But that was all after I sneaked into the NBC building to find Conan O'Brien and ended up getting an internship there with Tristian. He thought everyone in Russia moved slower because it is colder.

Maybe people turn on the TV so that they don't start talking to themselves if they're alone?

Candy in hotels is a sign of good and helpful staff.

Did they bomb Milan recently? Or is the construction industry here just way over funded so they break things and rebuild them for fun?

How could I forget that Monday is a working day? Now I'm stuck in Milan with nothing to do. Prime time for putting my "Romance" section in the phrasebook to use.

I should have learned by now that gelato doesn't cool you off. It just melts on your extremities and gives you unnecessary calories. I bet David didn't maintain his figure by eating ice cream everyday. If I go on like this, nobody will ever want to sculpt me.

Getting better is an illusion. I could not possibly get noticibly better after two weeks.

Prada clothes are so good, they don't even need attractive models for ads. Save money.

She thought about it! For a split second she thought about abandoning whoever she was waiting for and going to a bar with a random tourist who told her she was attractive.

Wow. Asians, you've done it again. Vegetable flower man, you're my hero.

Maybe all women just look better against the backdrop of Italian streets? America does have comparably hideous architecture.

Mercanti Caffe near Duomo. Via Dante.

Time to switch foreign language to "French."

I was a genie and I was fighting Jafar to protect my NYU friends in Italy.

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